Residential Maintenance Services

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Residential Maintenance Services from Rozalado Services: Chicago’s Single Source Service Provider for Commercial Cleaning, Property Maintenance and Facility Services.

Our Hospitality Approach

Nothing beats the feeling of walking in to an absolutely pristine space. That’s why Customer Experience is more than just a department here, it’s who we are as a company.

We’ll treat your space like it’s our own - with respect and care down to the last detail, so that everything is just right before you’re back.

Kid, Pet and Eco Friendly

All our technician's chemicals are safe for the environment and your family.

Customer First

Our teams love what they do. That includes pleasing you.


Our dedication to technician advancement and training ensures great service.


Treating you like family, because we are family.


We do our best but we're human. If we miss something we make it right at no cost.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations no matter what it takes.

Trust in Rozalado for All Your Maintenance Service Needs

Whether your space needs electrical, plumbing, painting or handyman service, Rozalado Services are the team for the job. Check out some of our other specialties and let us know if you have any questions or special requests





Scheduling the Right Amount of Time

To help you understand the number of hours your project might need, please reference these example projects. We hope they provide a way for you to better estimate the time required to complete your request.

2 Hours

Each Item is 1 Request:

  • Leaking Kitchen Sink (P Trap), Repair Cabinet Handles, Tighten Shower Head
  • TV Mounting
  • Ceiling Fan (standard height 8-10ft), Change Toilet Flush Valve
  • Hang Pendant Light or Dining Room Chandelier
  • Reset Toilet Tank
  • Install Vanity Faucet, Replace Smoke Detector Batteries
  • Replace Garbage Disposal

4 Hours

Each Item is 1 Request:

  • Paint 1 to 2 Walls One Color and Baseboards, Replace Light Bulbs, Smoke Detector and Carbon Dioxide Batteries
  • Repair Door Lock, Re-caulk Bathroom and Kitchen, Hang 3 Art Pieces into Drywall, Assemble basic IKEA dresser
  • Install Toilet or Bathroom Pedestal Faucet, Install Kitchen Faucet or Sink, Re-caulk Bathroom and Kitchen

6 Hours

The DIY Tune Up Project List:

  • Install Floating Hardwood Flooring, Assemble basic IKEA dresser, Hang Shelving, Tighten Faucets and Shower Heads, Replace Gaskets where needed

The Ceiling’s Messed Up List:

  • Patch, plaster, sand, plaster again, sand, prime and paint the spot on the ceiling, install new ceiling fan

8 Hours

The Save My Marriage List:

  • Assemble Table, Paint Living Room, Hang Shelves, Snake Drains, Replace Light Bulbs and Smoke Detector Batteries Throughout House, Fix Doorbell

The Kid's Almost Here List:

  • Paint Nursery One Color plus Baseboard and Trim, Assemble Crib, Hang Shelves, Install Wireless Child Monitor and Smart Thermostat, Change Locks

2 Hours

Each Item is 1 Request:

  • TV Mounting
  • Ceiling Fan (standard height 8-10ft)
  • Hang Pendant Light
  • Hang Dining Room Chandelier
  • Change Toilet Flush Valve
  • Reset Toilet Tank
  • Install Bathroom Vanity Faucet
  • Replace Garbage Disposal

4 Hours

Each Item is 1 Request:

  • Repair front door lock
  • Re-caulk bathroom and kitchen
  • Hang 5 pieces of art into drywall
  • Assemble basic IKEA dresser
  • Install Toilet
  • Install Kitchen Faucet
  • Install Bathroom Pedestal Faucet
  • Install Kitchen Sink

8 Hours

The Ceiling’s Messed Up List:

  • Patch, plaster, sand, plaster again, sand, prime and paint the spot on the ceiling, install new ceiling fan, paint crown moulding

The Save My Marriage List:

  • Assemble crib, paint nursery, hang shelves, snake drains, replace light bulbs and smoke detector batteries throughout house, fix doorbell, change locks

Rozalado only works with the best. Our team of licensed technicians have years of experience performing maintenance and handyman services for all kinds of customers. Our pros have been background checked, license validated, are heavily insured and are fully tested for competency.

We’re transparent about the time and materials we charge for when we perform a service. Our specialties include home improvement, electrical, plumbing, painting, wood fabrication, restoration, installation, and exterior home renovation.

Shed Assembly

Backsplash Installation

Barbeque Assembly

Barn / Shed Repair

Grab Bar Installation

Bathtub Repair

Build Garden Bed

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Installation

Cabinet Repair

Carpet Removal

Carport Assembly

Ceiling Patching

Closet Door Installation

Closet Hardware Installation

Countertop Installation

Deck Painting/Staining

Dishwasher Installation

Door Hardware Installation

Door Installation


Gas Dryer Installation

Dryer Vent Hose Installation

Drywall/Sheetrock Patching

Exterior Shutter Installation

Exterior Trim Repair

Exterior Vent Replacement

Faucet Repair

Fence Painting

Furniture Assembly

Garbage Disposal Installation

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Repair

Hang a Mirror

Hang Shelving

Holiday Lighting Installation

Install Mailbox

Interior Trim Installation

Interior Trim Repair

Linoleum Installation

Mail Box Post Installation


Over The Range

Microwave Installation

Outdoor Furniture Assembly

Outdoor Window Shades

Pet Door Installation

Picture Hanging

Plaster Wall Patching

Playground Equipment

Power Washing

Re-Caulk Bathtub/Shower

Refrigerator Installation

Repair Damaged Wood

Replace Refrigerator Filter

Safe Installation

Screen Door Installation

Screen Repair

Window Security Bar Install

Showerhead Installation

Shower Repair

Sink Repair


Stock Shower Door Install

Electric Cooktop Installation

Television Mount

Thermostat Installation

Toilet Installation

Toilet Repair

Toilet Seat Installation

Trash Compactor Installation

Wallpaper Removal

Wall Patching

Wall Texturing

Washer/Dryer Installation

Washing Machine Install

Window Mounted AC Install

Window Installation

Electric Range Installation

Electric Dryer Installation

Exterior Shutter Repair

Storm Shutter Removal

Express Blinds