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  • 5 star ratingGreat company, also recommend Route!

    Brent S. Avatar
    Brent S.

    Rozalado Services are very professional and deliver what they promise. We highly recommend their cleaning services.

    mike Quraishi Avatar
    mike Quraishi

    5 star ratingThey are one of the best in the industry. Offer great carpet cleaning services. On time and great prices. They are highly recommended.

    Mike Q. Avatar
    Mike Q.
  • 5 star ratingRozalado Services are very reliable and their prices are great. Highly recommended.

    Mike Q. Avatar
    Mike Q.

    !!!Rozalado Kudos!!! There are no words I can express for the superiority of how Rozalado comes in and takes care of Madison Street. Our patients love how beautiful our facility is and how it always stays so clean, which is extremely rare in our communities.

    Rozalado came this weekend and restored the beauty of Madison Street as they always do, yet this time they added a special touch. I'm including pictures as the team was so impressed and the patients were going on and on from today and yesterday about how beautiful the parking lot and landscaping are outside, Which happens all the time when the guys clean, yet the retouch just makes it so beautiful. I so love it and had to stand back to take pictures of how great it looks!

    Thanks for keeping us looking so exclusive and being the best-looking business in our neighborhood, your team is so good to our facility and we are all like a family whenever we talk and interact, what more can we ask for!

    La Shondra Brown Avatar
    La Shondra Brown
    Practice Manager, Oak Street Health

    Great crew with great professionalism!

    Edgar Navarro Avatar
    Edgar Navarro