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  • !!!Rozalado Kudos!!! There are no words I can express for the superiority of how Rozalado comes in and takes care of Madison Street. Our patients love how beautiful our facility is and how it always stays so clean, which is extremely rare in our communities.

    Rozalado came this weekend and restored the beauty of Madison Street as they always do, yet this time they added a special touch. I'm including pictures as the team was so impressed and the patients were going on and on from today and yesterday about how beautiful the parking lot and landscaping are outside, Which happens all the time when the guys clean, yet the retouch just makes it so beautiful. I so love it and had to stand back to take pictures of how great it looks!

    Thanks for keeping us looking so exclusive and being the best-looking business in our neighborhood, your team is so good to our facility and we are all like a family whenever we talk and interact, what more can we ask for!

    La Shondra Brown Avatar
    La Shondra Brown
    Practice Manager, Oak Street Health

    Great crew with great professionalism!

    Edgar Navarro Avatar
    Edgar Navarro

    Rozalado Services prepared our condo for sale by conducting an ultra-deep cleaning of the entire unit. From the ceiling lighting to the wood floors, all appliances restored to look like new, all trim and hardware free of dust and fingerprints. Rozalado did an outstanding job. So good a job that our unit was sold during the first open house for exactly what we wanted for the unit. Great job team Rozalado!!!

    James Prete Avatar
    James Prete
  • I hired Rozalado for a post-construction cleanup and they were not only reasonably priced, but came back for touch-ups. They were a pleasure to deal with and very professional. High recommended!

    Wendy Aeschlimann Avatar
    Wendy Aeschlimann

    We needed post-construction cleaning at our church. The construction had included tearing out walls and ceilings, so fine dust matter had traveled everywhere throughout our sanctuary. There was fine dust on our beautiful stained glass windows, the lower level, in the balcony and on the carpet. Rozalado cleaned every single inch of our gorgeous edifice. They were extraordinary easy and pleasant to work with from beginning to end. Our church is cleaner and brighter than it was before construction. We are grateful for them. Rozalado is a keeper!

    Cynthia Thomas Avatar
    Cynthia Thomas

    Rozalado delivered. Mike and his crew came in and cleaned a new construction, 25,000 sq ft industrial building with 40' ceilings, exposed MEP's, and curtain walls....all during the evening. We will definitely use their services again.

    Jack Chynoweth Avatar
    Jack Chynoweth