Janitorial Cleaning

Let us handle the daily cleaning while you manage your business

Rozalado Services handles all commercial cleaning needs. If you’re looking for a cleaning company that is committed to customer satisfaction, trustworthy and reputable, and up-to-date on the very latest cleaning products and equipment, look no further. We service all different types of spaces including offices, warehouses, restaurants, bars, medical buildings, churches, industrial spaces and more. Your commercial space will be left spotless and fresh every time. 

Our Experts

We aim to please. Our commercial cleaning technicians are trained extensively on quality control and the proper techniques to ensure every client is happy. We use a variety of commercial grade chemicals and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process. 


Daily Schedule

Here is a summary of the basic tasks Rozalado Services does when performing daily commercial cleaning services for your business. Our goal is to customize our daily cleaning services to go above and beyond your level of satisfaction. Therefore, these services are adjustable and additional services can be added to meet your specific needs. We always include “The Six Steps to Success” for our daily commercial cleaning tasks among others.

The Six Steps to Success

Our commercial cleaning service teams are trained to complete four important tasks each time they enter your space.



Equipment must be set up from the janitor closet and ready to use.



Garbage must be thrown out.



Bathrooms must be cleaned completely from start to finish.



Surfaces are cleaned from top to bottom and front to back.



Floors must be swept, mopped, and vacuumed. 


Full Walk Around

Equipment must be cleaned. Then return back to the janitor closet to set up for the next day.